It’s a fact:

Many post-secondary students require some form of mental health support. ACMHI is here to help.

In 2012, student leaders across Alberta came together to make on-campus mental health and wellness services a top priority.The result? Alberta Campus Mental Health and Innovation fund (ACMHI). The fund supports student-led mental health initiatives. Post-secondary students across Alberta are taking ownership of mental health on their campus by implementing initiatives that:

  1. combat stress and stigma

  2. encourage mental, physical and financial well-being

  3. act as a supplement to services already available on campuses.


*All facts and statistics were taken from ACMHI Survey 2014 & ACMH-NCHA 2013.

Our Impact

With overwhelming support from institutions and community partners, ACMHI initiatives reached over 136,000 post-secondary students in Alberta. In September of 2013 & 2014, ACMHI awarded $900,000 to fifteen students’ associations. Students were able to initiate much-needed dialogues on campus with stakeholders, while launching new services, awareness campaigns, and innovative events to reach out to their peers. 

From Wellness Wednesdays—complete with free breakfasts and 5-minute massages—to time management workshops, opportunities for Mental Health First Aid training and anti-stigma campaigns, post-secondary students are leading the on-campus discussion surrounding mental health. 

and we’re not going to stop there!

The third, and possibly final, year of ACMHI is currently underway. So far, ACMHI released $600,000 to fourteen students’ associations. Partnerships continue to flourish, and many conversations among students and institutions have grown into sustainable ideas and opportunities. Many students’ associations are now establishing mental health committees and offering peer counseling programs to ensure mental health remains a priority on campus. To kick-start the province-wide conversation on post-secondary mental health, ACMHI will host a wellness summit in January.