We support student-led collectives that seek to advocate and promote mentally healthy post-secondary communities in Alberta. The efforts of these groups foster flourishing campuses across our province.

ASEC/ACMHI: A United Voice

Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation fund (ACMHI) was made possible through the  dedication of the Alberta Students' Executive Council (ASEC). ASEC is a member-driven, non-partisan advocacy organization that unites over 105,000 student voices to policy makers. Our diverse membership generates and provides innovative solutions to students’ needs.

IN 2012

Overwhelmingly, student leaders indicated that on-campus mental health and wellness services are a top priority. 

In 2013

Alberta Health announced that ASEC would receive $1.5 million to support projects, programs and campaigns that close gaps in mental health supports for students across Alberta. 

In 2014

ASEC received an additional $500,000 to support a Student-Led Wellness Summit, expand ACMHI initiatives, and launch a provincial Community of Practice for post-secondary mental health and wellness.

ASEC’s Vision

Post-secondary education is a right that every Albertan should have access to, and advocacy for students will ensure that decision.

ASEC’s Mission

Give post-secondary education students a voice regardless of where they are educated in Alberta.