ACMHI November Wrap-Up

Alberta College of Art + Design Students’ Association

ACADSA continued the Artist in Residence (AiR) program to facilitate a research driven, art, craft and design initiative with the goal of raising awareness towards issues concerning student wellbeing. Students met biweekly to discuss the topic of the residency and brainstorm ideas about creating work which reflects their individual opinions and experiences. The residency then concludes with a group exhibition to showcase all of the work created within this program. ACADSA also provided free massages in the main mall this month, as a crucial stress relieving event.  

Ambrose Student Council

ASC dedicated their early fall semester to putting the finishing touches on their ACMHI funding grant application. Their main focus was developing partnerships, in order to be ready to spring into action once their application was accepted. With funding set to kick in as of December, ASC is planning a distress week that coincides with final exams, as a way for students to balance their stress levels at such a pressure filled time. This week will be filled with fun games and activities which reminds students to take care of their mental health.

Students’ Association of Bow Valley College

SABVC implemented three key events into their mental health campaign this month. One free fitness class was offered per week for the first 3 weeks of the month, as well as “Two Day Puppy Rooms”, which were catered by Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS). Lastly, an event called the “Mental Health Runway”, in which students who identified as female each wore a t-shirt which highlighted the mental health challenges they faced. This event allowed for mental health challenges to be brought to light, and created an open atmosphere in which it is encouraged to talk about mental health.

Concordia Students’ Association

CSA hosted their Mental Health Wellness Fair, including games, prizes, and food. The fairs brought together many community stakeholders and resources, making students aware of the services and supports available to them in the broader Concordia and highlands community. Yoga classes and free massages were also available for stress relief.

Students’ Association of Grande Prairie Regional College

SAGPRC has begun preparations to the area for the “Indigenous Talking Circle”, in order to create a quiet, safe, and comfortable space for students that is inspired by a local elder and indigenous mental health advocate, Dennis Whitford. Indigenous medicines and art will surround the area, while encouraging communication on mental health issues and concerns.

Students’ Association of Medicine Hat College

SAMHC continues their Peer Support Center, consisting of a Peer Support Coordinator, Vice President Student Life, as well as peer support volunteers who are trained to deliver quality peer support services. The center also held two event weeks in the month of November, “Stress Awareness Week”, and “Family Violence Awareness Week”.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Student’s Association

NAITSA incorporated their “Wellness Breakfast” into their mental health planning this past month. In addition to the free meal to start students’ days, there are information stations equipped with pamphlets and representatives to help ensure that students know where, and how, to access these resources on campus. “Creative Nights at the NEST”, allowed for creativity and de-stressing through “PaintNite”, in which local speakers and entertainment surrounding Mental Health and Wellness was provided.

Students’ Association of NorQuest College

SANQC has implemented events in November from their “Awareness Campaign”, in order to solidify the mental health initiative on campus and increase awareness about mental health services available. They Hosted “Addiction Awareness Week”, as well as “Healthy Campus Month”, with Health Services. Both of these events provided hands-on experience in mental health programming and delivered informative, fun, and relevant events to the students at NorQuest College.

Northern Lakes College Students’ Association

NLCSA has begun to carry out their “Mental Health First Aid” program, which offers mental health first aid to communities that are limited to attend to main centers. In this instalment, trainers were sent to High Prairie in order to educate them on mental health challenges in which students are facing. Wellness Wednesday also took place as an anti-stigma/stress relief exercise, with this month’s focus being “Surviving and Thriving college life”.

Students’ Association of Olds College

SAOC continued their November with Life-Management Classes, which provided knowledge of scholarship applications, taxes, time management, and technology skills. The purpose of this is to help alleviate stress from students by giving them real world knowledge and how to handle these tasks in the future. Free massages during exam times, as well as yoga sessions twice a month, were incorporated as well to help reduce stress. SAOC hopes to complete the building of their “Quiet Room” by the end of December. This room will be equipped with comfortable furniture, refreshments, and trained mental health first aid supporters, all for student benefit. 

Students’ Association of Red Deer College

SARDC capped off the month of November with Mental Health First Aid training, free to all students. This course educated students to Identify when a person may be a danger to themselves or to others and take steps to preserve life, as well as recognize the early signs of mental health problems and provide help to prevent more serious problems from developing. Other events included Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), as well as stress relief Puppy Rooms.

Southern Alberta Institute Technology Students’ Association

SAITSA has continued to use Wellness Wednesdays in the month of November. Stress relief events such as “Free Massages”, as well as “Take a Break”, remained highly popular throughout the student body. These chances to relax and socialize with peers, was accompanied by board games, adult coloring, and snacks. Free breakfast, yoga, and puppy rooms also rounded out the month.

The King’s University Student Association

TKUSA used November to host their first mental health week, geared on stress management. The week started off with Puppy Therapy Rooms, followed by collaboration with the Ministry department to host a worship service on prayer as a tool for stress management. The week was then finished off with stress relief involving baking donated by the King’s Science Society, coloring books, and a half-time game at the basketball game that evening to encourage exercise and physical fitness as effective ways to manage stress.

Students’ Association of Keyano College

SAKC used their newly created Wellness Space to host events this past month. Comfortable furniture, along with surrounding large plants, were added in order to improve the overall air-quality of the space. Photos and paintings, covered in encouraging quotes, will also add a positive and peaceful essence to the area. Some events held in this space included “Relaxo Café”, with mental health art instillation displayed, as well as performances by local artists, and refreshment, along with “Stress Less Week”, which promoted student wellness around the peak of stressful times (exam period).