1. What is the Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation Fund (ACMHI)?

The ACMHI Fund is a grant that supports new, system-leading strategies for the delivery of mental health supports at Alberta’s post-secondary institutions. Successful proposals will have to demonstrate innovation, facilitate partnerships, and address current service gaps in mental health service provisions. Examples of possible projects include, but are NOT limited to:

●     Hiring new front-line support positions such as psychologists, counselors, mental health nurses, and other direct practitioners;

●     Anti-stigma and preventative mental wellness campaigns;

●     Workshops for students at post-secondary to enhance coping and stress management;

●     Digital supports, such as mental wellness or stress management apps, or 1-800 hotlines;

●     Mental health and wellness training initiatives for professors, students, and other university employees who are in direct contact with the student population; and,

●     Aboriginal counselors, international student support staff, disability support staff, LGBTQ student supports, and other support workers who may not be classified as mental health workers but who often provide mental health services.

 Applicants are encouraged to be creative and innovative in their approach to developing project proposals.

2. Who qualifies for funding?

Students’ associations at Alberta colleges, technical institutions, and baccalaureate and distance universities who are members of the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC).

  • Can I receive funding if the project is NOT through a student association?

No. However, partnerships with students’ associations are encouraged. Partnerships can emerge between students’ associations and post-secondary institutions, community organizations, and other students’ associations.

 3. What are the eligibility requirements?

●     Organizations applying for funding through ACMHI must be, or be partnered with, a students’ association who is an ASEC member. This includes partnerships with post-secondary institutions, community organizations, and multiple students’ associations.

●     Funding will only be provided to new initiatives and projects. Proposals to support existing on-campus services will be considered ineligible.

●     Eligible projects must request support not less than $1000, and not more than $50,000.

●     ACMHI may consider multiple applications from the same applicant, provided the total applications fall within the funding parameters stated above.

●     Successful projects may be up to one year in duration, based on a fiscal year of September 1 – August 31. Monies awarded in summer 2015 call for applications, for example, must be used between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016.

4. How much is the maximum distribution amount?

Depending on the scope and need of the project, ACMHI will distribute up to $50,000, with a minimum of $1000.

5. Can more than one application be submitted by a students’ association?

Yes, provided the projects are not a duplication of services already offered on campus, fall within the funding ceiling and are not used to fund services that were recently cut.

6. How long do projects run?

Each project funded by ACMHI is a one-time distributed grant. Projects are expected to be implemented within one year, based on a September-August cycle.

 7. Can a project receive on-going funding over three years?

No. However, projects can re-apply for funding in subsequent years, allowing for continued financial support. Each application will undergo review by the adjudication panel each year. Applicants will be required to demonstrate effectiveness of the previous year’s project.

 8. How do I apply?

  1. Once ASEC conducts a call for applications, you can complete and submit the application form sent to ASEC members.
  2. Read through the information and application to ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements and have all needed information.
  3. Complete the application form.
  4. Ensure the application form has all required signatures.
  5. Submit applications through email, mail, or drop off your application at the ASEC home office prior to the designated deadlines. ASEC is open Monday through Friday (8:30-4:30pm) and is located at:

Alberta Students’ Executive Council
#35, 9912-106 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 1C4

9. Who reviews the applications?

All applications will be reviewed by the ASEC Executive Director and the ACMHI Project Manager to confirm that it is complete and contains all required sections. Applications will then be forwarded to an approval panel of mental health and post-secondary experts.

10. Who does the approval panel consist of?

The approval panel is an independent and external panel of reviewers who convene to review applications and select successful applicants. ASEC staff and members will not be part of the adjudication process. For more information on current approval panel members, visit this page.

11. When will successful applicants be contacted?

Decisions will be communicated approximately four weeks following the application deadline.

12. For successful applicants, will there be ongoing contact with ASEC ACMHI throughout the year?

Yes, the ACMHI Project Manager will be in contact with each initiative and Project Leader to maintain contact with each initiative’s progress.

13. Upon project completion, what are the expectations?

 When the year of funding comes to a close, the on-campus Project Leader is expected to submit a closing report to the ACMHI Project Manager. The closing report will provide a brief overview of the project and the outcomes, with more details provided on project-by-project basis. Project Leaders can expect to provide documentation such as photos, videos, statistics and other evidence of the impact their project has had on their campus.

14. How do we track project measurables?

 Each project is unique and will have varying ways to track its progress and complete measurables. For example, if a campaign is funded to promote mental wellness, the amount of brochures printed and handed out can be a measure of student reach and success. The ACMHI Project Manager will work closely with all funded projects throughout the year to effectively track measurables.

15. When is the application deadline?

 The application deadline for the 2015-16 year is July 15th, 2015.

16. What if I have other questions regarding my proposal?

You may contact Jessica Turowski, Project Manager at jessica@albertastudents.ca; Aala Abdullahi, ACMHI Project Assistant at aala@albertastudents.ca; or Teresa Currie, Executive Director at ed@albertastudents.ca. You can also phone the home office at 780-756-4500, Monday through Friday (8:30-4:30pm).